2008 News Archive - Holidays - Manisa offers more than medicine

19 12 2007

If the aches and pains of the winter months are still in travellers' systems as they head to Turkey in springtime, they might like to try their luck at the Manisa mesir festival.

A blend of 41 different spices, mesir - or "power gum" as it is sometimes called - is celebrated in this annual festival held between April 1st and 7th.

Created by the wife of an Ottoman sultan named Hafsa Haftun, the substance is reputed to have medicinal qualities.

Today, in demonstration of their gratitude to Hafsa Haftun, locals throw the gum from the minaret of the Sultan Mosque which dominates the city.

Meanwhile, What's on When reports, craft exhibitions, concerts and sporting tournaments abound, providing ample entertainment for young and old.

Manisa is described by All About Turkey as an attractive city with many examples of Ottoman architecture to pique the interest of budding historians, while nearby lies the Spil Mountain National Park for those more taken by natural wonders.

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