2008 News Archive - Holidays - 'Many areas for tourists' in Egypt

14 04 2008

There are many beautiful and interesting areas for holidaymakers to travel to in Egypt aside from the traditional destination of Cairo, it has been reported.

According to ArabianBusiness.com, while Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh are the more typical package holiday destinations, there is much to be said for locations like Luxor, Alexandria and the northern Sinai coast.

Holidaymakers looking for "sun and fun" may well be best suited to Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab, Nawab and Taba it is claimed, however Cairo is great for night life while Alexandria is great for learning more about the history of Egypt.

Luxor and Aswan, meanwhile, are described as "very serene" parts of the country.

"Agents need to diversify rather than sell one region or one type of holiday, because we have a very broad cross-section in Egypt," Simon Hasdell, vice president of operations for Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and North Africa for Hilton Hotels, told the publication

According to the Daily Herald, to fully appreciate the "overall splendours" of Egypt, it is best to take longer holidays which includes a ten-day tour.

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