2008 News Archive - Holidays - Masked-capades in Italy

11 12 2007

The Carnival of Venice, one of the most important Venetian celebrations, is taking place in Italy next month.

From January 26th until February 5th, locals and tourists don masks and elaborate costumes for a two week session of celebrations and parades.

St Mark's Square will see the most of the masquerading action with musicians, acrobats and other performers filling the piazza and entertaining the crowds.

In 2007 performers from around the world including the Afro Celt Sound System, the Bollywood Brass Band, Roy Paci and Aretuska performed at the event.

Each year, the celebrations begin in a traditional way with the Volo dell'Angelo. The Volo dell'Angelo is actually a woman dressed as an angel who descends St Mark's bell tower on a rope sprinkling confetti over the crowd below.

Naturally, visitors can also look forward to traditional masked balls and gala feasts during this period.

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