2008 News Archive - Holidays - Mauritius 'is tempting tea-loving Brits'

19 11 2008

A hotel in Mauritius has announced the launching of 'tea tours' around the country, which has a long and illustrious history of growing the plant.

The tours, organised by Movenpick Hotels, will take in tea plantations, as well as giving tourists a chance to watch the crop being processed and enjoy "one of the freshest and most delicious cups of tea they have ever tasted".

Tourists will also be told about the history of tea growing in Mauritius, which has become an integral part of the Indian Ocean island's history and culture and will be able to visit a colonial-era tea planter's mansion at Le Saint Aubin.

Mauritius, which boasts long sandy beaches, abundant wildlife and a hot tropical climate, was colonised by the Dutch, the French and the British in turn.

But it is the UK, with its reputation as a nation of tea-lovers, that is the true target of these tempting tea tours.

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