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09 08 2007

Mexico boasts a wealth of Mayan history that may be well worth checking out when holidaying in the country - in between sunbathing and water sports of course.

The impressive pyramid at Chichen Itza - named the Temple of Kukulkan - still survives from the Mayan period of Mexican history and is noted for the way it catches the sunlight at certain times of the year, Whatsonwhen reports.

For five days before and after the Autumnal equinox the sun's light creates a brief spectacular shadow display on the edge of the walls of the monument.

A sight that surely cannot be missed by visiting Brits in the region around September 22nd, the phenomena is likely to draw in the crowds so arriving early to get the best view is prudent.

If holidaymakers are planning a break around this time of year in the country, it would be advisable to arrive before September 15th to catch Mexico's Independence Day and the drinking, dancing and general celebrating the event will surely bring.

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