2008 News Archive - Holidays - Mexico still thriving on tourism

15 03 2007

All the signs point to Mexico continuing to be among the world's top choices of tourist destinations, despite the recent ravages of Hurricane Wilma.

Mexico closed out 2006 with some of the highest amounts of tourism revenue the country has ever seen.

Last year the Latin American country received 21.35 million visitors from overseas, with each visitor spending £355 on average, according to Mexico's Tourism Secretariat.

The picturesque country is also a particularly popular destination for cruise lines, with 2006 seeing 6.52 million cruise passengers disembarking in Mexican ports, a decrease of only 2.8 per cent from 2005.

This is a surprisingly positive number as Hurricane Wilma damaged some leading cruise ports such as Cozumel.

Mexico Tourism Secretary Rodolfo Elizondo said: "This attests to a level of government commitment and degree of coordination with private sector partners rarely seen in areas elsewhere in the world affected by similar tragedies.

"We expect 2007 to be yet another successful year for our tourism industry, with increased growth across all segments, particularly among upscale travellers."

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