2008 News Archive - Holidays - Miami Goombay Festival celebrates Miami's roots

14 05 2007

Not only is Miami's Goombay Festival a great party, it celebrates the roots of this diverse and multicultural city on the coast of Florida.

The festival has been called the largest black heritage festival in the US and recognises the Bahamian roots of the area.

Rappers, singers and steel bands all compete to add their sound to the general noise and confusion of the festival.

And stalls spring up everywhere selling delicious foods and beautiful arts and crafts.

Visitors from the damp shores of Europe will revel in Miami's truly tropical climate and cooling sea breezes.

The beaches of the city are recognised everywhere as being some of the finest in the world.

And the Art Deco nightclub district in South Beach offers a party experience that few cities can match.

The city is also a favoured destination for cruise ships, with its harbour playing host to as many as six or seven gigantic cruisers at a time.

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