2008 News Archive - Holidays - Mobile phones 'may affect cabin experience'

24 10 2007

The advent of mobile phone usage on flights may disturb the once tranquil environment offered in cabins, it is claimed.

According to Laurence Price, the director of aviation strategy for the Mott MacDonald Group, many people actually choose to travel by aeroplane rather than alternative means such as trains to get a bit of peace and quiet.

However, he suggests that quiet areas in planes, such as those seen in alternative vehicles, could be the answer.

The expert also notes that mobiles can often be useful devices in times of uncertainty.

"As we know, mobile phones have, unfortunately, been used in rather more difficult circumstances quite effectively in the past," says Mr Price.

Last week Ofcom and similar organisations based in other countries have announced draft proposals to enable mobile usage, which must be ratified by the Civil Aviation Authority.

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