2008 News Archive - Holidays - Montenegro praised for its diverse attractions

29 05 2007

Montenegro, Europe's newest independent state, has been praised by one travel writer for its diverse mix of attractions by a travel writer.

Lonely Planet writer Vesna Maric explained that in contrast to the country's diminutive size, a mixture of "talent, delivery and unexpected beauty" awaits visitors arriving for holidays and breaks abroad.

And while Montenegro could provide the perfect answer for Britons looking for cheap holidays, the expert urged prospective visitors to travel in the near future.

"Montenegro is still relatively cheap, but if you want to visit, it's best if you get on your way soon - this little country's got big ambitions," remarked Ms Maric.

She concluded by pointing out the country's remarkable diversity of attractions, containing both idyllic beaches and picturesque mountainous terrain, containing small and cultured towns.

Recently, the Visit-Montenegro website reported increased air traffic through the country's airports thanks to rising tourist numbers.

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