2008 News Archive - Holidays - Montenegro to develop high-end tourism resort

28 02 2008

The Balkan country of Montenegro is looking for support to develop a high-end tourism resort, it has been reported.

According to BalkanInsight.com, the country's ministry of tourism and environmental protection is looking for international investors to help it develop the resorts along its coastline.

One location suggested for a development is the island of Ada Bojana. The island is roughly 520 hectares in area and is owned by Montenegro's government.

The government is aiming to obtain a long-term lease for around 100 hectares of the island.

It is anticipated that this would be developed into a "top-quality" tourist resort.

Montenegro is a country located in south-east Europe. As well as having a coast on the Adriatic Sea to the south, it borders Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania and the southern province of Kosovo. The capital of Montenegro is Podgorica.

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