2008 News Archive - Holidays - More Brits booking holidays early, says expert

06 02 2009

Increasing numbers of Brits are booking their holidays early this year, according to one tourism industry insider.

Sian Williams, who works for the travel website trivago, claims that the increase in early bookings is due to people who are hoping to save money on their holiday expenses during the recession.

Ms Williams added: "It seems to be that, along with the economic crisis, we've noticed more people are using our site before the holiday season actually starts.

"People are looking to find the best rates for their holiday and people really seem to be trying to plan ahead."

According to Ms Williams, tourists are also looking towards cheaper destinations in a bid to cut their holiday costs.

Recently, several experts have predicted that tourists will increasingly choose cheaper destinations like Egypt, Turkey or Morocco, where the weakness of the local currency may mean their pounds go further.

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