2008 News Archive - Holidays - More cabs for Palma

21 05 2008

Holidaymakers soaking up the sun in Palma this summer are set to benefit from improvements to the area's public transport system, according to reports.

The Majorca Daily Bulletin claims that an extra 150 taxis will be available during the holiday high season, potentially making it easier to catch a cab.

Until October 16th, the extra cabs are expected to make it easier for visitors and residents to use a taxi.

In addition, limits on the number of cabs along the Playa de Palma and at the port and airport should improve the system.

According to the news provider, there will also be limits on the number of days when taxis can operate at Playa de Palma, the airport and the port.

It was suggested that cabbies focusing on these areas are adding to the problem of taxi shortages in the city centre.

Last month saw the city council unveil plans to boost the city's appeal as a European city break destination.

According to the Islas Travel Guides Majorca website, visitors will find a visit to Palma a "real eye opener", as the depth of its culture and history "often takes visitors by surprise".

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