2008 News Archive - Holidays - More people marry abroad

25 10 2007

A greater number of Britons are choosing to leave the UK when its comes to that special day and they tie the knot, it has been revealed.

Possibly due to the gloomy summer experienced here in blighty, which would ruin all of the lovely photographs, let's face it, many people are looking to sunnier climes, said a spokesperson for Confetti.

Carol Richardson, the firm's PR manager, claimed that much of the sting is taken out of organising a wedding if it is done outside of the UK, particularly with regards to one's relatives.

"We've seen a huge growth in getting married abroad throughout the year, for lots of reasons," she remarked.

"It's a huge growth area for the industry."

She added that the weather is usually nicer too.

With Christmas approaching, Goa could be the perfect destination for an overseas festive wedding, with the holiday celebrated with Christian vigour.

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