2008 News Archive - Holidays - Morocco provides "unforgettable" Valentine's holidays

02 02 2009

Morocco, a popular destination for beach holidays, can also provide an "unforgettable" Valentine's break according to one travel firm.

The country, which has enjoyed a reputation for romance since the release of the classic Humphrey Bogart film Casablanca, offers a combination of stunning deserts and craggy mountain landscapes which Walk's Worldwide claims can provide an excellent alternative break for young lovers.

In the desert, the tour firm claims: "Palm trees, pools and wells, nomad families and their tented encampments appear in the most unlikely places, providing relief and entertainment amid the extensive wilderness."

Valentine's couples may also want to try travelling on a 'desert ship', otherwise known as a camel, to add a flavour of exotic romanticism.

Morocco looks set to become an increasingly popular destination this year, according to travel experts.

The dirham-to-pound exchange rate compares favourably to the euro-to-pound ratio, meaning that tourists travelling to Morocco may be able to get more bang for their buck.

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