2008 News Archive - Holidays - Mountain biking 'made easy on Tenerife'

10 02 2009

While Tenerife is best known to UK tourists for its stunning beaches which are perfect for languid lounging, for those who like active alternatives, Tenerife is also excellent for mountain biking.

According to the Tenerife News, the sport is easy to get involved with thanks to the launch of a website detailing the best trails and routes.

It is also an excellent way to see the island's stunning landscapes, providing "breathtaking views" which make cycling up the hills worth the effort.

The newspaper said: "Those interested in exploring some of the fabulous landscapes of Tenerife on a bike […] may be very interested to know that there are some lovely routes on the Turismo de Tenerife website."

Recently, Lance Armstrong, one of the most famous figures in cycling, travelled to Tenerife to train.

Armstrong, who is making a return to professional cycling after several years in retirement, won the Tour de France a record seven times.

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