2008 News Archive - Holidays - Mud for it

05 11 2007

Those who wonder what it is like to be a hippopotamus could wallow in the mud on a wet English summer day at Glastonbury, or of course do it in proper style in Goa.

The Indian resort, with its fine beaches and culture, offers the advantage of giving people a nice warm weather option in December and January, when visitors can head to Arambol and wallow in the sticky, sulphurous pale mud of the hot spring lake there.

While there are those who will question how effective this immersion in mud will be for detoxifying after all those Christmas excesses, the sheer enjoyment of the experience will be enough for some.

In addition to this, Goa will offer beautiful beaches, a tropical climate and a series of fascinating traditional experiences, with this strongly Catholic region celebrating Christmas and the New Year in a suitably grand manner.

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