2008 News Archive - Holidays - Mums 'feel anxious organising hols'

27 03 2008

It is an important task and often the highlight of a family's year, so it comes as little surprise that Britain's mums feel anxious when it comes to organising family summer holidays.

According to new research from Holiday-Rentals.co.uk, arranging the family holiday is one of the most stressful events that mums undertake.

The research revealed that 60 per cent find the experience to be daunting; with 84 per cent claiming they are left to book the holiday by themselves.

In fact, the experience placed third behind moving home and preparing for Christmas as one of the most traumatic experiences.

"Based on the results of our research, it's not surprising that mums can find holidays stressful! We can't force other members of the family to help mum more on holiday," commented Greg Grant, UK managing director for Holiday-Rentals.co.uk.

Once on holiday, hopefully mum's can relax on the beaches in destinations like the Balearic Islands.

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