2008 News Archive - Holidays - New golf course for Tunisia

16 01 2007

Tunisia has been dubbed a genuine "golf destination" after gaining its 13th 18-hole course.

Mohamed Jerbi, North American director of the Tunisian National Tourist Office, has praised the new course and has said it marks a key development in Tunisia's rise to prominence as a favourite holiday destination.

"When you hit your ball, you may end up looking for it in dunes or greenery," he told the Mathaba News Network.

"It [the course] offers all the services needed by golfers. With this 13th golf course, Tunisia has become a golf destination," he stressed.

The Mathaba report indicates that Tunisia's Mediterranean coast draws "millions of beach-loving Europeans each year" and, given the quality of the beaches, it is hardly surprising.

Hammamet is one of Tunisia's most popular resorts and it tends to draw golf fanatics and sun-worshippers in equal measure.

Port El Kantoui is also one of Tunisia's premier resorts and its spectacular sands and warm waters ensure it is a firm favourite with beach lovers.

The modern resort of Yasmine Hammamet has also emerged as a firm favourite, thanks to a beautiful beach, a good reputation for nightlife and an excellent golf course.

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