2008 News Archive - Holidays - New honeymoon trends revealed

19 03 2008

A total 25 per cent of British couples booking their honeymoons do so online, according to new research.

Research by MSC Cruises reported by TravelMole also shows that 14 per cent of Britons leave the booking of the honeymoon to someone else.

Of those surveyed, the age group most likely to book a honeymoon online was the 18–24 year olds - the youngest group surveyed - with 48 per cent confirming they booked their post-nuptial break in this manner.

Also revealed was that 47 per cent of honeymooning couples spent more than £1,000 on their honeymoon, with 15 per cent spending over £3,001 and one per cent parting with more than £10,000 for the perfect holiday.

The study showed that those living in Northern Ireland and Wales spend less on their honeymoons than those in central and south-east England.

According to the statistics, over a third of honeymooners in Northern Ireland and Wales spent under £1,000 on their trip while their counterparts in central and south-east England look to spend over £1,000.

Beach, city and a combination of beach and activity holidays were revealed to be the most popular types of honeymoon.

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