2008 News Archive - Holidays - New Kefalonia theory supports Homeric legend

19 01 2007

The popular holiday island of Kefalonia may well have links with the island of Ithaca from Homer's Odysseus.

Scientists have been debating the real site of Homer's Ithaca for centuries but the latest theory is that Kefalonia's western peninsula holds the secret.

The BBC reports that a British team are confident that Kefalonia was once two separate islands and that Paliki only joined the rest of the island relatively recently. It is suggested that a major landslide built a land-bridge between the two, thus obscuring the true geographical history of Ithaca.

"Unlike many historical speculations, our answer to the age-old mystery of Ithaca's location makes a specific prediction that can be scientifically tested by geological techniques," said Robert Bittlestone, a chief backer of this popular theory.

With its lush scenery and paradisiacal beaches, there is certainly much about Kefalonia that lends itself to Homer's mystical descriptions.

Aided by the stunning backdrop of imposing cliffs, Myrtos Beach is one of the most exceptional beaches in Europe, characterised by enviable bathing conditions and a remarkable sense of tranquillity.

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