2008 News Archive - Holidays - Niche religious tourism "booming" in Turkey

09 07 2008

Holidays aimed specifically at conservative Muslim men and women are "booming" in Turkey, it has been claimed.

According to the Telegraph, hotelier Serafettin Ulukent's business on the popular Aegean coast of Turkey once attracted surfers and now is making a steady income from devout Muslim guests.

The hotel does not serve alcohol and offers separate bathing areas for men and women. The pastry chef even sings the call to prayer five times a day.

While it is suggested that such tourism is being fuelled by patriarchal and even fanatical male Muslims, Fatma Sarioglu disagrees.

"[My husband] and the kids can swim anywhere they like. If these sorts of places didn't exist, I'd have to content myself with the women's hour at the municipal pool," Ms Sarioglu commented.

Turkey recently took the top place in a study to discover the top ten holiday destinations for Brits.

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