2008 News Archive - Holidays - Not very cool runners

23 11 2007

Those who fancy watching others exert themselves while enjoying a warm break from the cold winter can do all this in Dubai in January.

While the sunshine, beaches and ambient sea are all ever-present features of the city, the exertion part is provided on January 18th 2008 by an influx of top runners who will take on the challenge of the Dubai Marathon.

Even allowing for the slightly cooler temperatures, this will still be a hot race but no hotter than the field, which contains some of the top athletes in the world.

Those from hotter countries not surprisingly dominated in 2007, with the top five men being Kenyans, led home by winner William Rotich and three of the first four ladies being Ethiopians.

While admiring the athleticism of the runners, those taking a more relaxing break in Dubai can also add fine restaurants and bars, plus horseracing, to their sun-filled itinerary.

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