2008 News Archive - Holidays - NYE in Egypt?

10 10 2007

New Year's Eve (NYE) may not always be the big celebration that one had hoped for, but that may be because staying in Blighty over the festive season is not the best idea.

Getting away from the sure to be dismal weather and dutiful family visits may be enough of a temptation for some to jet off and enjoy the end of December in a different setting.

In fact, why not enjoy one of the biggest NYE parties in Egypt? The Sanafir Hotel in Sharm El-Sheikh holds a wild night of partying and revelling until the small hours of the new year, Whatsonwhen notes.

It is unlikely that a boozy party in Britain will match up to living the high life in the exotic location of Africa, with tickets including free table reservations and a free drink.

A further bottle of alcohol is given to every four guests to help get the party started.

Egypt is located in the north of the continent and boasts the world's longest river, the Nile.

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