2008 News Archive - Holidays - Obama win 'will boost to Kenyan tourism'

07 11 2008

Kenyan tourism officials have been joining Americans in celebrating Barack Obama's election win as it is expected to boost the numbers of tourists flocking to visit his father's country.

Jake Grieves-Cook, chairman of the Kenya Tourist Board (KTB), said: "It has very positive implications for tourism. Kenya now is in the spotlight internationally.

"We are bound to see an increased interest in Kenya."

Obama's father was born in the village of Kogelo in western Kenya, where locals were celebrating his election this week.

If the KTB's predictions are correct, tourists fascinated by Obama's remarkable story could come flocking to Kenya to visit the village and may stay to enjoy the country's many other attractions.

Lucy Karume, chairwoman of the Kenya Association of Hoteliers and Caterers, told the Daily Nation that Obama's victory had given Kenya a positive image all over the world.

Ms Karume was also predicting an increase in tourist numbers.

"The victory is a plus for Kenya", she told the Daily Nation.

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