2008 News Archive - Holidays - Older holidaymakers 'look for adventure'

03 10 2008

The older generation of British holidaymakers have grown tired of travelling to traditional destinations such as France and Spain, it has been claimed.

Derek Moore, chairman of the Association of Independent Tour Operators, said that older holidaymakers had become increasingly adventurous when it came to travelling.

"I think with the older generation, when they were growing up a holiday was looked upon as being once a year, a treat or a domestic holiday or somewhere very much close to home possibly Ireland, France or Spain somewhere like that. Now they are becoming a bit more adventurous," he explained.

Some of the most popular destinations for older travellers include Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and the US, Mr Moore added.

In related news, recent figures from the Office for National Statistics revealed that 17.8 million British holidaymakers travelled abroad in the last year, spending more than £9.4 billion.

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