2008 News Archive - Holidays - On the twelfth day of Christmas I went off for a swim

13 11 2007

Christmas may seem to be virtually over once the leftovers have been consumed on Boxing Day and the holiday season done and dusted once New Year has come and gone, but for those who fancy an extension to the festivities a trip to Greece may be in order.

In the Greek Orthodox calendar the twelve days of Christmas really are that, with January 6th, or Epiphany, being an important date, held in the eastern tradition to be the baptism day of Christ.

This day is marked by the blessing of the waters day, including that of boats used by fishermen around the coast and the spectacle of a priest throwing a crucifix into the sea, with the local men diving to swim for it and be the first to retrieve it.

With plenty of fun and frolics, the festivities adds to the enjoyment of a holiday in the warm southern European climate and adds a whole new element to the experience of Christmas.

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