2008 News Archive - Holidays - One for the Reed

29 11 2007

Visitors to Malta will be able to enjoy a country blessed with warm Mediterranean sunshine, a friendly welcome and a capital city with plenty of historic architecture and culture.

Of course, some may want to spend a bit of their trip in the pub.

The pub in question, which is named…The Pub, is no ordinary pub, for film buffs who liked Oliver Reed will be able to pay homage to the man himself at the venue.

It was here, on the last night before he expired from a heart attack, that Reed sank a not inconsiderable number of drinks, paid for the whole round and still managed to win an arm-wrestling contest, while filming Gladiator.

While Reed might have been very mortal, this last night has been immortalised in the description displayed on the outside of the bar - "Ollie's last pub".

Thus while Valetta and Malta can offer so much, fans of the great actor will always need to find time for a quick tribute drink.

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