2008 News Archive - Holidays - Overseas Christmas shopping 'all the rage'

16 10 2007

The spectre of trudging around in the snow over Christmas, struggling to find the perfect gifts despite mile-long queues is driving more Britons overseas, it has been suggested.

According to expert Sean Tipton, a spokesperson for the Association of British Travel Agents, each year a "surge" in interest in foreign climes is reported as UK residents seek to escape the British misery.

Many are heading to Europe and further afield, with the chance to sample local Christmas markets proving just as tempting as the goods on offer, he revealed.

"Christmas markets are getting more and more popular, partly for the Christmas experience as much as what people buy when they get there," he explained.

In addition, the official noted that the current strength of the pound is leading people's pockets to stretch just that bit further outside of Blighty.

According to Christmas Markets, this is October is the main time when Britons choose to arrange their overseas shopping breaks.

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