2008 News Archive - Holidays - 'Pack light clothes' for holidays in Dubai

02 07 2008

Visitors to Dubai have been issued with some advice on travel to the sub-tropical emirate.

The Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing notes that the climate in Dubai is sub-tropical and characterised by sunny blue skies and an arid ambience, making it popular among sun-seeking holidaymakers.

For most of the year, rainfall is both infrequent and sporadic with temperatures ranging from 10.5 degrees Celsius in the cooler months to highs of up to 48 degrees Celsius in July.

As such, it is recommended that lightweight summer clothing is the most suitable for the larger part of the year.

However, in the wintertime and evenings, warmer clothes such as sweaters and jackets could prove useful.

According to the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, visitors to Dubai should take in to consideration that certain medicines - including those available on UK prescription - are prohibited in the United Arab Emirates.

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