2008 News Archive - Holidays - Package holiday Brits 'stay indoors'

10 04 2008

Britons travelling abroad on package holidays spend the majority of their break within the confines of their hotel, it has been reported.

According to Halifax, Brits spend less than seven hours in total away from their lodgings, preferring instead to relax by the pool.

Halifax also claims that 42 per cent of UK holidaymakers do not attempt to speak to local people in their native language.

"Our research strongly suggests that the idea of a holiday, to most, is a room with pool and somewhere to eat. Package holidays such as all-inclusive allow Brits to arrive and stay put for the duration," commented Paul Birkhead, senior underwriting manager at Halifax Travel Insurance.

Research from the company also revealed that those living in the Midlands prefer all inclusive holidays followed by those living in Scotland.

Pedro Zaragoza Orts, the man who is generally held to have invented the Benidorm package holiday, recently died aged 85.

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