2008 News Archive - Holidays - Party in Mombasa

11 09 2007

Most holidaymakers would be excited enough at the thought of visiting the rich and diverse continent of Africa, but if that is not enough for some intrepid travellers, then the Mombasa Carnival may add a memorable event to an already packed itinerary.

Held in November and promising a day of celebrations, cultural pride and displays of colourful sundry and miscellaneous paraphernalia, lucky visitors to Kenya will be in for a visual treat.

Moi Avenue is the centre of the event, with two different parades merging on this one road, much to the delight of carnival revellers, Whatsonwhen reports.

Traditional dances by local Kenyans will give holidaymakers a real insight into the conventional celebrations of the country. Music will also be provided by local bands.

Visitors to the country may also enjoy visiting the infamous Masai Mara Game Park for larger than life sightseeing, or perhaps a dip in the Indian Ocean, which the city is situated by.

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