2008 News Archive - Holidays - Party on in Tenerife

14 02 2007

A judge in Tenerife has lifted decided to lift a controversial court injunction banning nightly street celebrations in Santa Cruz.

The celebrated carnival, which is more than 200 years old, had been banned on the grounds that residents were unhappy about the party continuing through the night.

Judge Jaime Guilarte Martin-Calero has rejected this argument, however, allowing this month's carnival to go ahead as usual.

The carnival is typically based around outlandish costumes, ecstatic musical performances and energetic dancing, as residents and tourists alike celebrate Tenerife's dazzlingly multifarious culture.

Santa Cruz is, in fact, a city renowned for its party atmosphere, with dozens of pubs and clubs to suit all tastes. La Laguna is a particularly popular part of the city, but La Noria Street is also a favourite with those seeking a vibrant nightlife.

But Tenerife is perhaps better known for its alluring tranquillity and the beauty of its coastline. Many of the island's best hotels can be found within walking distance of the beach, where swimming conditions are sensational and the sea breeze tempers the searing heat.

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