2008 News Archive - Holidays - Pensioners 'want to travel the world'

19 03 2008

Older Britons aspire to world travel and adventure, research from one commentator has revealed.

Prudential reports that less and less Britons are looking at their retirement as a period in which they can put their feet up and wind down, with 58 per cent of this aging group claiming that it represents a time in which they can take control of their lives.

Travel is a main theme in the post-retirement dreams of UK residents, with almost 27 per cent wanting to spend at least three months of the year abroad.

A further 23 per cent wish to learn a foreign language, potentially to sit alongside their aspirations of travel.

"Improving health care and greater longevity mean those retiring today are likely to be able to enjoy far more active lives through their pensionable years than any previous generation, but to enjoy the benefits of this, early financial planning is essential," commented Gary Shaughnessy, managing director of Prudential Retail Life & Pensions.

He added that Brits need to concentrate on saving more if they are to realise such dreams of travel in the future.

Saga recently reported that better flights have boosted long-haul travel for the over-50s.

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