2008 News Archive - Holidays - Perfect holiday requires "essential mix"

11 07 2008

A new study has revealed that for the perfect holiday, a number of elements must combine.

According to a commissioned by isango!, seven factors make up the ideal break, including such criteria as when you travel, where you travel to, how long you go for and how you spend your time and, of course, who you travel with.

The coming weekend (July 11th until 13th) is said to be the best time to travel and two weeks is the optimum time to go abroad for in terms of thorough relaxation.

"We use our holidays to unwind from the stresses and strains of life, so it's crucial that we use the time we have to best effect," travel expert Sarah Heaney observed.

Activities on holidays play an important part, it is reported, with activity holidays, city breaks and road trips proving slightly more popular than the traditional beach break.

Holidays should combine eating and sleeping with adventure, culture and shopping.

Holidaymakers going shopping on holidays should be sure to guard their handbags, following recent safety tips issued by American Express.

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