2008 News Archive - Holidays - PGA heaps praise on the Algarve

09 02 2007

With the Algarve, Portugal boasts one of the world's most spectacular golfing destinations, according to an article published by the PGA Tour.

Handing out $250 million in prize money every year, the PGA Tour runs the USA's main professional golf tournaments and its members are used to playing some of the world's very best courses.

It is Portugal, however, that has caught the attention of David Brice, a columnist for Golf International Magazine.

Brice describes the Algarve as a "unique golf paradise" based around "a 90-mile stretch of Atlantic washed shoreline".

"Blessed with an idyllic, year round golfing climate where the coolest winter temperatures seldom drop below the mid 60s and even at the peak of summer, never climb above the mid 80's; this is a God-given golf country, just waiting to be discovered," he wrote.

He also praised the way in which the Algarve has been built, as designers have managed to introduce courses that blend in "magnificently with the natural surroundings".

Better still, the courses are all in close proximity, removing the need to waste half of the day travelling from the hotel with the clubs in the boot.

The Algarve also offers numerous beautiful beaches and charming rocky coves, providing great respite to those struggling with their swing.

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