2008 News Archive - Holidays - Portugal 'is excellent for carbon-conscious tourists'

08 12 2008

Portugal's record on renewable energy has been praised by the head of its tourist office, who claims that the country is "an excellent destination for those looking for a 'greener' option."

With UK tourists increasingly concerned about the size of their carbon footprint and many airlines now offering the opportunity to offset emissions from flights, green tourism could become the trend of the future.

According to Frederico Costa, head of Turismo de Portugal, the country is one of the world leaders for renewable energy, which could make it one of the greenest places to go on holiday.

Using its year-round sunshine for solar energy and its stunning coastline to harness the power of the waves, the country has already exceeded the EU's target of generating 20 per cent of its power from renewable resources by 2020.

Recently, research showed that the numbers of tourists travelling to Portugal increased this year, despite the credit crunch - possibly drawn by the cheap cost of living in the country.

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