2008 News Archive - Holidays - Portugal is 'family favourite'

11 07 2008

New research has revealed that Portugal is among the top holiday destinations for parents with children.

According to insurance.co.uk, Portugal is one of the top five travel hot spots for summer 2008.

The study also revealed that Greece is the fourth favourite destination for British families, preceded by France in third place, the USA in second place and the traditional location of Spain the firm favourite at number one.

Steve Grainger, head of insurance.co.uk, expressed some concern about the rising cost of holidays during the peak travel periods.

"Now that government rules about term time holidays have become so much stricter, families with school age children are restricted to travelling during the more expensive, school holiday period," he commented.

He added that new parents, aware that such holidays are beyond their budget, are "making the most" of travelling during maternity leave.

Sean Tipton, spokesperson for the Association of British Travel Agents recently stated that the credit crunch was unlikely to deter families from taking holidays this summer.

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