2008 News Archive - Holidays - Portuguese music festival

02 10 2007

Portugal holds a great many attractions to the average British holidaymaker and the winter is certainly no exception to this rule.

As well as a warm climate, beautiful scenery, a great culture and an abundance of golf courses, the Mediterranean paradise is holding a music festival in autumn, Whatsonwhen reports.

The Festival Musidancas is held in Lisbon, the country's capital, between November 22nd and December 1st and draws in crowds of music fans to enjoy the sultry sounds of Portuguese performers in the autumn air.

What's more, visitors can immerse themselves in the country's Mediterranean culture by sampling the fine foods the event will provide before joining in the dancing the night away.

Holidaymakers may find a few unusual Christmas presents while they peruse the traditional craft stands and marvel at the paintings on display provided by artists from Portuguese-speaking countries.

Portugal is the location for many celebrity holiday homes, with Chris Evans among one of the UK stars to own a property in the country.

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