2008 News Archive - Holidays - Prepare for Christmas in India

03 08 2007

India could be a great place to visit in the months leading up to Christmas this year.

For tourists visiting Goa, the Christian festivals taking place at the end of November and the beginning of December could kick-start a fun-filled Christmas season, Whatsonwhen notes.

From the November 21st, the small town of Navelim hosts a religious festival which involves adorning the local church and town with coloured lights culminating in a candlelit procession to the church in the early hours in the morning.

Surely a calming experience, the event could help holidaymakers truly relax - alongside copious amounts of sunbathing of course - and enjoy the reflection the festive period often brings.

Travellers were recently advised to book their flights early for Christmas getaways by the Association for British Travel Agents (Abta). Holidaymakers eager to make the long-haul flights to sunny beaches to get away from festive preparations could be disappointed of they do not plan ahead, Abta said.

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