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24 09 2007

India is a spectacular destination for any adventurous Brit eager to experience life and culture outside of Europe, but it is perhaps more so during the Autumn months.

A number of festivals take place in November, with a highlight being the Puppet Theatre Festival, Whatsonwhen notes.

Many of the acts come from around the world to enjoy and partake in this cultural and crafty extravaganza, which should of course delight anyone with children.

The festival celebrates the old art form of puppet theatre in the country, which is said to be dying out.

Other events taking place during this time are the Nag Nathaiya festival, commemorating an event in Lord Krishna's life, as well as Guru Nanak's Parkash Divas, the publication states.

Culture fans should not feel they have missed out on Indian traditions with such a plethora of events available.

Goa is a destination that is becoming increasingly popular with visitors to the country, particularly backpackers.

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