2008 News Archive - Holidays - Radish mania in Mexico

12 10 2007

Mexico is an unusual destination for those looking for a lightly more adventurous holiday, with one of its more quirky traditions available for visitors to enjoy in December.

The nativity scene is given a new twist in the city of Oaxaca with the main characters carved out of radishes - the local speciality - as part of La Fiesta de Los Rabanos, Whatsonwhen reports.

Certainly an unusual sight, the quality of the carvings is likely to be of a high standard as they are judged by the governor.

A number of other events take place to celebrate the festive season, namely music, dancing, fun and games.

Other traditions that children will delight in include the breaking of the pinata, when gifts and sweets fall out of the object as it is bashed by blindfolded participants.

As well as feasting on radishes, visitors are sure to enjoy the syrup-drenched doughnuts that are provided by the plethora of food stalls in the city. Fireworks round off these curious and fun festivities.

Mexico is famed for tasty cuisine and fabulous beaches.

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