2008 News Archive - Holidays - Report praises stunning Mykonos beach

21 02 2007

Super Paradise Beach on the beautiful Greek island of Mykonos has been listed among the very best beaches in the world.

A new survey from The Travel Magazine has come up with the best beach for each month of the year and September is apparently the month of choice for Super Paradise Beach.

The report describes the beach as "hedonistic, funky and tolerant of alternative lifestyles" - typical of this island as a whole.

Super Paradise is a fairly exclusive beach and is generally reached via a taxi or a boat journey from the Plati Gialos dock. Despite being slightly out of the way, there are a number of decent restaurants nearby that ensure sunbathers will not go hungry in the evening.

Plati Gialos itself is another beautiful beach on Mykonos, but this is much more popular with families. The beach is served by a number of excellent restaurants, hotels and bars and enthusiasts can also try their hand at a variety of watersports.

Mykonos is sometimes referred to as the St Tropez of the Aegean and its reputation as a party capital certainly supports this. For those seeking a slightly quieter holiday, however, there are plenty of opportunities to escape the hedonism and enjoy the island's natural splendour.

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