2008 News Archive - Holidays - Rijeka gears up for carnival

21 11 2008

While excitement of the festive season in the UK may have all worn off by January, in the Croatian town of Rijeka, it is just getting going.

Tourists who suffer from the post-New Year's Eve blues could be in for a treat as the Rijeka carnival starts halfway through January.

Kicking off with the carnival queen contest on January 23rd, the 100-year-old traditional celebration will see the whole town getting involved in events that run all the way through to February 22nd.

According to WhatsonWhen, "carnival customs include the making of 'ugly masks', which scare away evil forces, calling the spring and celebrating the birth of new life".

The ancient traditions include elements of Slavic mythology, such as the presence of the Zvoncari, the bell ringers who protected Croatia from invasion by the Ottoman Turks centuries ago.

Carnival in Croatia could be the perfect distraction for children during the short dark days of January - among the many events is a procession specifically designed for kids.

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