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27 11 2007

Australia may have Uluru standing proudly in the outback, but Sri Lanka has its own monolith, with the bonus of a fortress on top.

Sited just north of the hill country in the heart of the island, Sigiriya offers a challenging and occasionally hair-raising climb up to the ruins of a fifth century royal fortress, offering both fantastic views of the surrounding countryside and historic fascination.

Apart from the fortress, the climb up has a number of rock frescoes painted in caves which can be visited on the way up, plus thousand year-old graffiti, which just goes to prove that such things went on before the invention of the aerosol.

Visitors marvelling at the sight and stretching their legs somewhat can enjoy Sigiriya as part of a wider tour of the cultural triangle of central Sri Lanka, which also includes the Dambulla Rock Caves and the historic city of Kandy, capital of the hill country home to the Buddhist temple of the tooth.

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