2008 News Archive - Holidays - San Marcos Fair shows off the best of Mexico

04 04 2007

Those looking for a taste of the genuine Mexico need look no further than the San Marcos Fair in the state of Aguascalientes.

The fair takes place in May every year and is a bonanza of bullfighting, cockfighting, mariachi bands, musical shows, beauty pageants and more.

Up to seven million people descend on Aguasalientes in western central Mexico every year to partake in what is essentially a massive party.

In its original incarnation the fair celebrated the harvesting of the grapes of the region, once known for its wine production.

The bustling livestock fair remains an important part of the event and provides an interesting and vibrant spectacle, even for those with little interest in cows and the like.

Perhaps of more interest is the crowning of the Queen of the Fair that takes place every year, when the most beautiful girl present is selected.

While in the area, visitors should also be sure to take advantage of the abundant hot springs that proliferate. Aguas Calientes in fact means "hot waters".

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