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27 07 2007

Delicious dates are the focus of an annual food festival in Morocco this October.

Food lovers visiting the African country may be delighted to learn that the sweet fruit is celebrated in the Date Feast at Erfoud, Whatsonwhen notes.

Used in many dishes in the region - most notably the traditional dish Tangine - the sugary foodstuff is thought to be superstitious by Morrocans who see dates as a symbol of good luck and will offer them to friends and strangers as a gift.

Fashion-conscious visitors to the festival may have the chance to parade around the streets of the town along with other contestants, all hoping to be crowned Miss Date.

Traditional music and dance will of course accompany the event, allowing tourists the chance to sample a taste of Moroccan culture.

Holidaymakers arriving in the country at the end of August may be interested to learn the Imilchil Marriage Feast is an event where 40 couples exchange vows and also serves as a dating event for tribes in the area. A truly Moroccan celebration, any UK tourist should make a beeline to the festivities Whatsonwhen states.

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