2008 News Archive - Holidays - Scots save on holiday but splash out on spends

02 08 2007

Scottish holidaymakers will spend less buying a holiday than people from other regions in the UK but will splash out more while they're there, a new study has found.

Marks and Spencer Travel Money conducted research finding that 58 per cent of tourists from the UK will spend under £500 on a week-long getaway compared to 63 per cent of Scots.

However, it is the Scottish who bring the most cash away with them to frit away on their holiday fun, taking £287 worth of foreign currency, although they are closely followed by travellers hailing from the north-east and north-west of England.

M&S Travel Money manager James Yerkess comments: "Our research shows that by taking out more currency in advance, Scots and northerners are getting the best value on their holiday money."

Northern Irish tourists are at the bottom of the poll, by only exchanging £196 before jetting off into the sun.

Halifax Travel Insurance recently urged holidaymakers to take out travel insurance to ensure they are prepared for their much anticipated getaways.

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