2008 News Archive - Holidays - See medieval Rhodes at night

05 07 2007

The municipal gardens are the backdrop for a Son et Lumiere show all summer until the end of October.

This particular performance tells the story of the Turkish siege of the island in the 16th century, during which power over it was wrested from the Kinghts Hospitaller into the hands of the Ottoman Empire.

Historically the island, which lies only 11 miles from Turkey, has been the focal point of power strugles between different countries and empires including the Persian and Roman.

Son et Lumiere shows use, as the French term suggests, sound and light at an outdoor venue and often utilising the natural or constructed setting around it – in this case, the medieval buildings of Rhodes.

The soundtrack consists in part of a recorded narrative of a historical event that took place in the locality.

Perfomances take place in the evenings to make the most of the lighting effects and the narration is done in English, German and French at different showings.

Admission costs are €6 (£4) and €3 students with the under-eights free.

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