2008 News Archive - Holidays - Seek adventure to maximise holiday

24 01 2007

Thrill-seeking travellers are being advised to look for a new challenge on their next trip to make the absolute most of their time away.

The advice comes from travel guide experts Lonely Planet, which has found four in ten Brits are at their happiest while away on holiday.

If adrenaline is your thing and you feel like you've tried everything, then never fear, there are countless new ways to spend your time away that will push you to your very limits.

January can be a quiet time when it comes to nightlife, as detox diets and new year's resolutions rule. But party-time will pick up in spring for the Winter Music Conference, an annual festival of every shade of dance music held in Florida's party capital Miami each March.

If being pushed to your physical limits is more your thing but you've conquered Britain's peaks, the report suggests trekking some of Turkey's 500km long Lycian Way. As well as being physically demanding this route encompasses breathtaking coastal views and crumbling ruins.

And for those looking to do their bit for nature while enjoying a winter getaway, the guide also recommends volunteering at an elephant sanctuary in Sri Lanka.

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