2008 News Archive - Holidays - South Africa is 'number one value for money holiday spot'

02 04 2008

The long-haul holiday destination of South Africa offers travellers "sterling" value for money, it has been reported.

A study from Post Office reveals that the pound sterling has gained ground over six out of 20 destinations examined over the past year, with the most noticeable growth being against the South African rand.

Post Office's What the Pound Buys Abroad study revealed that the UK currency has strengthened by roughly 15 per cent against the rand, compared to 2007.

"Currency sales in the weeks running up to Easter are a good indication that people want to hang on to their holidays, despite the credit squeeze," Helen Warburton, Post Office head of travel, observed.

She added that according to the study, Hungary, Turkey and Portugal currently offer the best value in terms of short-haul holidays while New York and Dubai are good mid-range destinations.

South Africa and Jamaica were meanwhile listed as good long-haul destinations.

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